Hi. My name is Catherine.

I’m also trans. Dealt with it a long time ago, currently living my not-so traditional (but still awesome, and fulfilled, and all that other stuff) life, spent a while treating it as if it didn’t exist, got my genitals fixed, and all that.

When I started the process that is often collectively referred to as “transition”, I was 13, which against the backdrop of others transitioning in 2003, often set me at odds with others in the trans communities that existed at the time. Probably as a result, I’ve always felt like somewhat of an outsider within trans circles. For some time, I mostly faded into living an existence experienced as cis, putting a fair amount of cognitive distance between myself and a trans community I had come to regard in my mind as toxic and out of touch with anything of relevance to my experience.

I’m now 23. As of late, I’ve seen a significant shift in the way the trans issue has come to be treated by society at large. Trans issues are widely discussed, and in ever greater numbers even youth, like I was at the time of my transition, are transitioning in significant numbers and dealing en masse with the sorts of issues I had to individually forge through (such as interactions with school boards, parents, medical and administrative bureaucracies, families, and society). I’ve often found myself having opinions on these matters, and even chanced my hand at sharing my views with those closest to me. I think the time is ripe for me to blog about what I’ve seen, and perhaps even get a conversation or two started.

Looking forward to it,